We make Asian Americans stand out in the Khan Lab School admissions process.

Ranked in the top 20% of California’s private schools, Khan Lab School is considered one of Santa Clara County’s best K–12 private schools. It is renowned for its mastery-based learning approach and unconventional use of metrics in place of letter grades for student evaluation. The mission of Khan Lab School is to provide every student with the appropriate information, abilities, and experiences so they can actively participate in the world and give it meaning of their own.

Asian American students who exhibit academic motivation and the ability to excel in the demanding curriculum are the only ones accepted into the Khan Lab School. You need to have plans and be well-prepared in order to gain entry. You can prepare for the following prerequisites and build a solid application profile with the aid of our educational consultants:

1. Parent Statement
2. Student Video Introduction
3. Transcripts
4. Teacher Evaluation / Recommendation Letters
5. Admissions Interview / Parent Interview
6. Writing Exercise

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