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As an all-boys school, Bellarmine College Preparatory students are given unique prospects throughout their lives, including when they undergo the college admissions process. However, we find that when they finally apply to the best colleges and universities, Bellarmine College Preparatory students do not know how to utilize their school’s heritage and make themselves stand out. As a team of independent college counselors with 20 years of experience, and who specialize in Bellarmine College Preparatory students, we know the best strategies for getting into the best colleges. While students will work with college counselors provided by Bellarmine College Preparatory in their junior and senior years, these counselors are working with hundreds of students at any given time. Apart from starting as early as freshman and sophomore years, Cardinal Education gives Bellarmine College Preparatory students a headstart in the college admissions process by working selectively with wealthy and sophisticated families and giving them a personalized experience.


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