When should I start working with an admissions consultant in LA?

The most successful applicants in Los Angeles are those who start working with admissions consultants early. One year before the application deadline gives just enough time to complete all documents and take practice tests to get desirable scores. However, that time frame might be too short to really create a compelling profile that meets the expectations of admissions officers, especially for those applying to college. 

A holistic admissions process, which most schools follow, consider the overall academic profile, social relevance, leadership potential, and personality of the student. These achievements and characteristics don’t just build up overnight and may take years to fully develop. This is where admissions consultants, like Cardinal Education, come in. 

As experts in Los Angeles school admissions, we know what admissions officers are looking for and how to make families meet their expectations. For example, we help students in choosing the best extracurricular activities to engage in that are related to the major they are applying to and guide them on how to take on leadership roles. We also aid in designing and implementing passion projects that are socially relevant and embody their values as members of society. It usually takes two to three years to fulfill such projects that demonstrate an applicant’s sincerity and desire to create change and show potential for future leadership roles, factors that make an applicant desirable.

Additionally, we also help build the numbers in terms of grades, GPA, and test scores. If a student is struggling academically, we recommend the best subject tutors, test prep tutors, and academic coaches. However improving grades takes time, so seeking academic intervention early is important to increase the chances of admission.  

Overall, we suggest that high school students applying to college start preparing as early as sophomore year, while elementary students seeking private school admission, may start at least one year before application season.