Are a college student looking to be a part-time tutor, join Cardinal Education!

College students are currently experiencing housing insecurity at alarming rates across the country. The number of part-time jobs for college students, that actually work around a typical college student’s schedule, is dwindling. In addition, with students having to focus on school while balancing part-time jobs, there is an increase in stress in universities. Tutoring jobs with Cardinal Education are flexible part-time jobs for college students. We give our tutors the flexibility to schedule around their availability. This way students can prioritize the things that really matter to them. In addition, our remote part-time jobs start at $32 per hour; most on-campus jobs are nowhere close to this rate.

Our part-time tutors build their skills within an education field and also gain professional skills that are transferable to different fields. Some of the hardest skills to practice as a college student, such as communication and project management skills. These are the skills that are necessary for any professional environment. Our tutors have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious universities for their graduate programs or work as part of a Fortune 500 company. Through working with our clients, many tutors gain networking opportunities with some of the most influential people in companies that are leaders in their field. Our part-timers also have obtained letters of recommendation for any of their future plans.


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