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At the heart of Los Angeles, USC is a campus that prides itself on elite education and assisting its students to reach their career goals. Cardinal Education does something very similar; we assist families in attaining their educational goals. In joining Cardinal Education, you would be a vital piece of a student’s growth.

We also understand that as a current USC student there are costs that can build up. From books to housing, all the little, and not so little, costs build up. At Cardinal Education, we have flexible part-time jobs for college students. Our part-time tutors get to schedule around their availability and also teach what they are passionate about. This flexibility allows you to focus on the things that are of higher priority. Our staff is always there to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Cardinal Education has a full-time educational consultant position for alumni looking for their next career step. This role marries a teaching role and a business development role. As a consultant, you would work closely with families to help them navigate the changing educational environment. In the process, meaningful bonds are created with the individuals you work with. This adds to the potential network opportunities that may present themselves to you. We understand that education may not be the focus of your career but are confident that we can instill skills easily transferable to any other professional field. We have assisted many staff members in their next career steps with letters of recommendation.


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