Our experts know what it takes for Asian Americans to excel in the St. Stephen’s Episcopal School admissions process.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, nestled in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, is an independent coeducational day and boarding school. It has an established reputation and is ranked 1st among the best boarding schools in the entire state. Due to this, a lot of families hailing from all over the country and different parts of the globe are hoping to get in! In our experience, Asian Americans deal with tougher challenges in getting into the best boarding schools like St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. As educational consultants for nearly 20 years, we recommend that you start gearing up to increase your chances of gaining admission. Cardinal Education has everything you need to ace boarding school admissions! Our admissions consultants, academic coaches, and tutors can provide you with holistic academic coaching, interview preparation, tutoring, boarding school admissions consulting, and writing services for essays, parent statements, and student statements. Join hands with us today so you can get a headstart by learning more about how to get into St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.


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