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San Domenico School, founded in 1850, is the oldest independent day and boarding school in the state of California. It has been known for its innovative programs for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. In fact, it is the only upper school in the nation that offers a thoughtfully designed Virtuoso Program which prepares young artists who want to pursue music as a career. With many students from different parts of the world wanting to get into the San Domenico School, gaining admissions could be a tougher challenge than you expect! We are the experts you need! We know exactly how to get into the best boarding schools such as the San Domenico School! At Cardinal Education, we have a dedicated team of admissions consultants, tutors, and academic coaches to provide Asian Americans with everything they need to excel in boarding school admissions. We offer strategy consulting, interview preparation, tutoring, academic coaching, and writing services for essays, parent statements, and student statements. Call us to learn more about how Asian Americans leave a lasting impression on admissions officers.


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