We know what the admissions officers are looking for in an Asian American applicant.

Fountain Valley School is a highly respected institution that provides college-preparatory boarding school education located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is known for its beautiful campus which includes a 1,000-acre ranch. The school offers a challenging curriculum that includes AP courses and a variety of elective classes in music, art, and drama. Students are encouraged to participate in sports at all levels like basketball, soccer, tennis, and skiing. Admission can be competitive, especially for Asian Americans, as many families seek to gain entry for their kids. As your trusted advisors, it is our mission to help you stand out in the Fountain Valley School admissions process. We can provide you with a wide array of holistic and comprehensive services, including tutoring, academic coaching, interview preparation, and writing services for essays, parent statements, and student statements. We can provide you with fundamental skills that will sure to impress admissions officers. Our experts know exactly how to get into the Fountain Valley School.


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