Our specialization in boarding school admissions will help differentiate our students’ applications from others.

Everest Collegiate High School & Academy is a Catholic school located in Clarkston, Michigan. It offers high-quality K-12 education that is Christ-centered. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on academics, spiritual development, and character formation. Students participate in activities such as athletics, music, and community service to develop their skills and take active roles in the community. Many families are interested in sending their children to the boarding school program making admission more competitive. Our expert admissions consultants at Cardinal Education specialize in the boarding school admissions process. We offer services to aid in the process including interview preparation, academic coaching, tutoring and coaching for GPA and test scores, and editing services for essays, parent statements, student statements, and recommendation letters. We know how to help students stand out in their applications during their Everest Collegiate High School & Academy admissions process.


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