We know what it takes for Asian Americans to stand out in the Dunn School admissions process.

Boarding school admissions can be quite challenging, especially for schools like the Dunn School. With many families attracted to the school’s unique approach to education and the accessibility that the school location provides, your chances of gaining admission might be slimmer than you think. Among other applicants, there might be a couple of others who have the same or better academic achievements, skill sets, and extracurriculars than yours. We know how to get into Dunn School! As your reliable allies, we will provide you with the differentiation that you need in order to stand out and make the Dunn School Admissions Committee remember your application. Aside from boarding school admissions consulting, we can provide you with interview prep, tutoring, academic coaching, and writing services, for essays, student statements, and parent statements. Check out our services to learn more.


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