We know what it takes for Asian Americans to stand out in the Cushing Academy admissions process.

Cushing Academy is a highly regarded independent boarding school. In fact, it is ranked 13th among the best boarding schools in Massachusetts, known for its longstanding tradition of excellence in athletics combined with professional-level performing and visual arts departments. With a reputation just like this, getting admissions could be a lot tougher than you anticipated! In our experience, Asian Americans face tougher challenges in boarding school admissions. We can help you stand out! Our experts know exactly how to get into Cushing Academy. At Cardinal Education, we have experienced educational consultants who specialize in boarding school admissions for Asian Americans. Unlike other educational consulting firms, we can provide you with a more holistic approach to strategy consulting, academic coaching, interview preparation, tutoring, and writing services for essays, parent statements, and student statements. Join hands with us today as we walk you through the Cushing Academy admissions process.


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