We help Asian Americans get into the best Waldorf Schools in the U.S., like Waldorf School of the Peninsula.

WSP is a private school for K-12 students that follows the Waldorf pedagogy in its curriculum. There are two campuses, the Waldorf Los Altos for K-5th grade students, and the Waldorf Mountain View for high schoolers. Waldorf Peninsula aims to promote individuality and develop critical thinking.

If you’re looking for a legitimate Waldorf learning experience for your Asian American child, let our expert private school admissions consultants help you navigate the Waldorf Peninsula admissions process. We offer services for the following application requirements:

1. Recommendation Letters
2. Transcript
3. Educational Assessment
4. Admissions Interview
5. Personal Statement
6. Parent Statement

Let us help you stand out in the Waldorf of Peninsula admissions!


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