We can help Asian Americans be more successful in Riverdale Country School admissions.

Riverdale Country School is an independent school that admits students from Pre-K to 12th grade and aims to empower its students to become lifelong learners who can make a positive change in the world. The school works to make its institution a place where students can make anything possible and be supported in a diverse and inclusive community as they grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. The middle school program is dedicated to studying skills, with distinct units such as Technology, Outdoor Education, and Maker’s Lab, as well as opportunities for community engagement. The upper school program allows students to build a strong STEM and liberal arts foundation during the first two years before moving forward to more challenging interdisciplinary classes and electives. Upper School students are also eligible for Independent Studies to work on their individual academic interests. The school also offers many clubs, activities, and summer programs for students to choose from. Cardinal Education understands how hard it is for Asian Americans to get into the top private schools such as the Riverdale Country School. We know what it takes to navigate and let your child stand out in the Riverdale Country School admissions process.


    We can help you successfully go through the Riverdale Country School admissions process.

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