Why do I need to hire an admissions consultant?

If you’re sending your child to a top-tier school in the Bay Area, expect the process to be rigorous. Many parents who navigate admissions independently often end up stressed and frustrated because of the lack of understanding of admissions policies. They focus on the wrong things, jeopardizing their chances of acceptance. 

Meanwhile, families seeking private admissions consultants’ services become more methodical about the admissions process thus, making them more likely to succeed. Families who have worked with us say that they understood the admissions process better making it less stressful. 

With 20 years of experience in the industry, we have insider information on specific Bay Area schools and understand their unique requirements and preferences in the selection process. This insight enables us to help families tailor their applications to align with the values and expectations of their target schools. We can offer valuable feedback and suggestions for building their application profiles and making students present themselves in the best light possible. 

Our tutors, academic coaches, and admissions consultants help applicants craft compelling admissions essays, personal statements, and resumes that stand out to admissions officers. We also provide strategic advice on selecting the best-fit schools, managing deadlines, and preparing for admissions interviews.    

Overall, hiring an admissions consultant can greatly increase your chances of acceptance to your dream school by providing personalized guidance, creating admissions strategies that work, and making sure that your application stands out against the rest.