Our experts know how Asian Americans can ace the Westside Waldorf School admissions process.

Westside Waldorf School McComb campus is a private school in Pacific Palisades in the region of Los Angeles, California, that employs a balanced approach to teaching. Its educational program makes sure that the students are learning academically, practically, and artistically. Since many families want to get into this institution, admissions can be quite a challenge. In our experience, Asian Americans face tougher challenges in the Westside Waldorf School admissions process. At Cardinal Education, we understand what it takes for Asian Americans to stand out! For almost two decades, our private school consultants have been assisting families from all over the world in navigating the admissions process to many of the state’s top schools. From private school admissions consulting and interview preparation to writing services for your parent statements and student statements, you can trust us to walk you through the daunting application process to Westside Waldorf School. Start strategizing today with our experts!


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