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The Buckley School is a K-9 independent boys school in New York City that balances both traditional and progressive teaching methods to ensure that students acquire all the necessary skills as they are being prepared for secondary school. Aside from engaging in challenging academic curriculum, the boys are trained to become future leaders in society. They actively pursue excellence in the arts particularly in music where students take part in active singing groups such as the Glee Club, Varsity Singers, and the Veritones. In Upper School, every boy is part of an advisory group with no more than 3 other students. An advisor guides, monitors, and evaluates each student to make sure that all challenges and difficulties are addressed accordingly and that help and intervention are given appropriately. As independent educational consultants, Cardinal Education understands that it is hard to get into top private schools such as The Buckley School. With our years of experience, we know how to navigate and make your child stand out in The Buckley School admissions process.


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