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Phillips Academy Andover is a co-educational, independent boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12 in Andover, Massachusetts. It is known for its rigorous curriculum, diverse student body, and strong athletic and extracurricular programs. It is one of the most sought-after college preparatory schools in the country. Many families strive to gain entry, but admission can be challenging and competitive, especially for Asian Americans. If you want to know how to get into Philips Academy Andover, we are the most reputable educational consultancy firm that can help you. Nobody knows the Philips Academy Andover admissions process more than we do. Our educational consultants, tutors, and academic coaches are highly-recognized professionals who will help you achieve your dream. We have tutoring and academic coaching programs to help improve your grades and GPA, writing tutors to help you in Graded Writing Sample preparation, as well as test prep that covers ISEE practice tests and SSAT practice tests. Let us navigate the Phillips Academy Andover admissions process together!


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