We are Specialists in Head-Royce Admissions for Asian Americans.

Known as one of the best private K–12 schools in California, Head-Royce School is an independent, highly regarded school located in Oakland. The curriculum is designed with children’s growth stages in mind, ensuring that they acquire the skills appropriate for their age. The upper school’s liberal arts curriculum is excellent, involving pupils in demanding tasks that encourage critical thinking and judgment.

How challenging is it to get accepted to Head-Royce School? Compared to other private schools in the region, Head-Royce has a lower acceptance rate, and the admissions procedure is difficult, especially for Asian Americans. To get ahead of the competition, our educational consultants will help you plan and strategize to make sure you stand out in the following application requirements.

1. Admissions Interview
2. Proctored Writing Sample
5. Parent Statement
6. Personal Statement
7. Character Skills Snapshot
8. Transcripts

We understand Head-Royce admissions thoroughly. We will guide you and help you get in!


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