We know how to make Asian Americans stand out in the Eastside Catholic School admissions process.

Eastside Catholic School is a Sammamish, Washington-based private college preparatory school for middle and high school students. It is one of Washington’s top three Catholic high schools. Its extensive curriculum, which includes over thirty AP and honors subjects, prepares students for college. The intellectual, social, and physical demands of the students are met by cutting-edge facilities such as a digital library, ten science labs, gymnasiums, and a sizable stadium.

The Eastside Catholic admissions process is difficult, and the school has a low acceptance rate. They are searching for dedicated, academically excellent children who have the capacity to succeed at Eastside Catholic. Our educational consultants will assist you in developing a compelling application profile and making sure you stand out in the following areas in order to obtain leverage:

1. Admissions Interview
2. Personal Statement
3. Parent Statement
4. Teacher Evaluation / Recommendation Letters
5. Transcripts

To improve your chances of getting into Eastside Catholic High School, seek the knowledgeable counsel and direction of our admissions consultants. We have years of experience helping Asian Americans achieve success.


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