We support students with learning differences in Chartwell School admissions.

Chartwell School is a college preparatory school for 1st to 12th-grade students with ADHD, dyslexia, and other language-based learning differences. Class sizes are small and teachers regularly monitor and assess students’ progress. Every high school student has a unique schedule that is tailored to their interests, learning styles, and route to graduation and college acceptance.

As independent educational consultants, we understand how hard it is to get into top K-12 private schools in California like Chartwell School, Seaside, CA. Our academic coaches can help your child work on their academic functioning skills, which will be assessed during the shadow day. We will also guide you in preparing for the following application requirements:

1. Parent Statement
2. Student Statement
3. Psycho-educational Assessment
4. School Records
5. Transcripts
6. Placement Test

Bring out the best in your child to stand out in Chartwell admissions.


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