Learning POD Packages

We are offering two types of pods for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Supervisory Pods

In Office:

Supervisory pods facilitated in our office provide students with a welcoming and distraction-free place to learn. Our facilitators will ensure that students access their live meetings on time with no distractions. Facilitators will monitor students’ schoolwork, providing online troubleshooting support as well as supervision to maximize students’ distance learning success.

At Home:

We are also offering Supervisory Pods at your home. In-home supervisory pods allow students to work collaboratively with other students while being monitored by one of our pod facilitators in the added comfort and convenience of a familiar environment. Pod facilitators will take full control of the school day, keeping students on track and attentive to their classes. Between classes, pod facilitators will monitor students’ progress and ensure students keep up with all assignments. 

At-home Supervisory Pods provide

  • A quiet study space for students, allowing one or both parents to work in the home
  • Facilitators to monitor students and answer questions
  • A simulated classroom environment following strict COVID-19 safety guidelines

Premium Mentorship Pods

Premium Mentorship Pods are a fantastic option for families wanting to transform their homes into a stimulating learning environment with peers. These pods operate in a host home and can include up to 6 students. Our mentors will act as a role model to the pod by assisting students with all aspects of their learning and personal growth this school year.

Students will benefit from learning in small groups with their peers while also engaging in screen-free recreation between and after classes. Facilitators will provide hands-on activities catered to your students’ interests. 

Premium Mentorship pods provide

  • Socialization outside distance learning time
  • Screen-less activities such as
    • Friendly physical activities (tag, hide and seek)
    • Organized sport (when family can provide equipment)
    • Art and science projects
    • Engaging debates and/or discussions
  • A trustworthy adult that your student can look up to
  • Activities catered to your student’s interests