Coding Deep Dive

As technology reshapes every industry, coding skills are becoming increasingly essential. Unfortunately, the packed school day hasn’t adapted yet, requiring students to learn outside the classroom. This summer is an excellent opportunity to make meaningful progress in a vital skill. This is why we partnered with Breakout Mentors and their decade of experience with Stanford and UC Berkeley mentors to personalize computer science education. Together, we developed curriculum tracks to cover the wide range of student experiences and interests.

Structured gameplan

The curriculum is a balance of conceptual learning and hands-on projects. We have a structure in place to ensure consistent results, but personalize instruction to the student’s pace and previous experience.

Engaging projects

Each student meets 1-on-1 with an expert mentor who is passionate about computer science and engineering. They provide the support necessary to build the student’s confidence and long-term interest.

Curriculum tracks

  1. Intro to Coding – Python

    • Students will dive into learning one of the most popular and widely used programming languages – Python. They’ll master the fundamental thinking skills and learn to code games and apps with confidence.
    • Age: 7 and up
    • Experience: Less than a year of coding
  2. Intro to Computer Science – Python

    • Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science through Stanford’s world-famous CS 106A course. Materials build upon coding fundamentals with powerful new concepts to hook students on the exciting subject.
    • Age: 13 and up
    • Experience: Some experience, less than two years of coding
  3. AP Computer Science Preparedness – Java

    • This track will prepare students for AP Computer Science, giving them crucial exposure to CS concepts to excel in the class during the fall. AP CS is a make-or-break class for high schoolers and usually determines if they will pursue computer science and continue to deepen their skills and passion for the field.
    • Age: 13 and up
    • Experience: Some experience, less than two years of coding
  4. Intermediate Web Development – Javascript

    • All the major tech companies demand that web developers know Javascript, but many youth courses don’t go beyond basic HTML and CSS. In this track, students learn more about the basic structure of the internet, how to call APIs, and process data. They’ll also build the skills needed to participate in worldwide hackathons.
    • Age: 13 and up
    • Experience: Some experience, less than two years of coding
  5. Intro to Data Science – Python

    • Students will learn the fundamentals of data science with the help of UC Berkeley’s famous Data 8 course. They will learn about what’s causing the buzz in the world of machine learning, and will be able to work on exciting projects themselves.
    • Ages: 13 and up
    • Experience: At least two years of coding experience